The Only True Programmatic Monetization Solution

Earn the Highest Revenue – Work with Top Ad Networks – No Manual Setup or Adjustments One SDK and One Check

Simple Integration

We'll work for you to make sure you make the maximum possible ad revenue on your current mobile traffic.

  • One SDK
  • All Ad formats
  • Dynamic Waterfall
  • Country Optimization
  • Single Blacklist
  • Highest CPM Possible
  • 100% Fill and Highest Revenue
  • One Check
  • Dedicated Point of Contact
  • A lot more free time and saved expense!

100% Publisher Focused

The leading Ad mediation platform - 100% focused on Publishers - that deliver the highest CPMs and Revenue

Fully Automated – Superior Mediation

Our technology dynamically bids many demand partners against each other for ever ad impression. Even better, the process of adjusting the water fall and what demand partner are called first is fully automated. This is done down to the country level.

1 SDK – Top Networks – 1 check

With just one SDK, you now get access to all the top ad networks in the world.
No need to take SDKs from every network, who never have enough fill and whose CPMs go up a

Guaranteed Highst CPMs and Fill

Peak Mediation delivers the highest CPMs and 100% fill because we bring in so many demand partners bidding for your traffic.
Any network can promise a high CPM, but can they do it at a high fill rate and on a consistent basis? Of course not!

Video & Native Ad Focused

Our technology is built with video and native ads, at scale, in mind. We ensure that video from all our partners is fully optimized in our SDK to ensure the best rendering and delivery. Since we have so many demand partners, we can also bring in native ads for any app.

100% Publisher Focused = A better Model For Publishers

With Peak Mediation’s SDK bringing in every important demand source available, there is no need to take multiple SDKs just to get access to multiple ad networks.

If you are only going to test out one SDK this month, Peak Mediation’s all encompassing SDK is super simple to integrate. We collect from all the networks and pay you on single Check. What could be easier!

Peak Mediation’s is 100% aligned with that of the publisher, which is different than every other mediation solution.

Our mediation technology is built to truly make each ad network and demand source compete, dynamically, for each ad call, with out ANY WORK by you.

Other companies don’t build their technology to optimize for mediation. They build their technology to have their exchange called first, and then give basic tools to bring in other networks. They only make money if their exchange gets a lot of traffic.

We don’t own our own exchange or source our own demand dollars. That allows us to work with unlimited demand partners, get the highest CPM from them, and then pay you in one check. We only make money by bringing in the highest CPM for you.

One SDK to Rule Them All

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